About Qatru

Qatru is a website designed for Muslim scholars and students, male and female, young and old. This site has been designed with suitable and favourable features to promote the spread and sharing of knowledge among arabic/islamic students all over the world.

We have created a platform where heart troubling questions can be asked and shall be answered by informed scholars, daily edifying and inspiring quotes will be posted. It is also an avenue for scholar to exhibit their work of knowledge.There is also an online store for buying and selling of Islamic books (either in arabic text or others) like Sciences, humanities, politics, prayer book(asalatu & qosidat). And most excitingly online teaching and learning of Arabic and Islamic knowledge. With the help of Allah (SWT), Qatru has devise a means through which the knowledge and understanding of the Deen will get to the reach of every Muslims in the universe. Qatru was launched on 23rd of December 2019 . we provide non-sectarian , comprehensive and holistic view of Islam and Muslims. We explore positive solutions through the universal teachings of Islam. Our Mission :

We are on a mission to translate arabic and islamic books from different areas of knowledge and scope into english language.

We are on also mission to create an online avenue for everyone to contribute his/her quota of self developed knowledge that had been locked up in mind for humanity to gain. And Also to empower,nurture,protect and promote values that affirm human dignity.