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THE FIRST CUP (الكأس الأولى).

There was a friend of mine that I love, and I admire the integrity of his heart, the purity of his personality, his sincerity and loyalty in his distantness and closeness, his anger and patience, his discontentment and contentment.

Then life separated us, and that was for survival not for death. Here I am today;

crying for him while alive, more than I would have cried if he was dead, but I do not weep but for his life, and I only wish for his death.

I hope you have heard of the most astonishing strange trait in the nature of souls!.

We are bonded together by the ropes of friendship for a long period of time in which our behaviours are not strange to each other, then he chooses an unusual path, as a result, I denied him, and he also did that.

Well the situation left me unscathed, because the cup that he was addicted to did not accommodate other cups and peers.

Perhaps he might have bestowed me a glance in his mind that I pretended to notice because if he reminded me, he will definitely mention those bitter words that I had told him at the very day of his new life. As a result, what he had realized while wandering in the expanse of his happiness that he visualizes had disturbed the purity of this image for him with such a memory.

Hence I knew nothing about him because the lives of addicts are similar and compatible, there is no difference between their morning, evening, yesterday and tomorrow, rather than going to bars to liquor up hot drinks, then stupefy to sleep, then go for a wander in the corridor of phantasmagoria.

Just like a dischargeable ring, it ends is unknown, or like a repeated scene that does not entice the viewers nor challenge the brain. Until he slept on the body of a mill and woke up when it has been put to rest, if he is not hearing-impaired he should have been awakened by the twirling of the mill.

This poor man did not occupy a place in my heart until after his twirling had subsided, and his actions had been tranquilized.

After a long time, I realised that I was unable to see him as a bacchanal of bars, and not dumped in the corners of the streets, nor in the hands of the Police. As a result, his actions were laid to rest by the cold finger of time.

I asked about him and I was told that he is sick. I was not surprised since I have been counting days and years for it, just like an astronomer that studied the hours and minutes for the eclipse of the sun and the planetary collision.

I visited him, I did not find a doctor nor a visitor with him, because he is poor; And the doctors do show habitual mercy to the poor, and they keep their love for the fair and light people, But wealthy friends do fear the infection of sickness and poverty.

So they don't visit the sick nor the poor.

I entered his house, I was unable to locate the real house or its owner, because I did not find in it, the high spirit that flaps wings in his rooms and halls, and I did not smell the appetite awakening aroma of the kitchen; I did not hear the scurry of servants in answering their master's bidding, nor the weeping of children; And the ring of bells; As if I entered a graveyard to visit the dead,  it is not a house to seek the living.

Then I went towards the patient's bed, and his swollen body revealed a fantasy from which only a sticky cuticle remained with a thin bone.

I said: "O the imaginative with his eyesight toward the sky, I have a lovely friend of mine even he can bear this pain with you, can you introduce him to me?".

After a glimpse of an eye, he shook his lips and said: "Am I hearing the voice of Mr so and so? I said: "Yes, what are you complaining about?". He exhaled in such a way that almost his ribs fell apart and replied: "I wept about the FIRST CUP."

I asked surprisingly: "Do you want any cup?" He said: "I want the cup that I ladled my money, mind, health and honour in it, and even today I will soon deposit my life in it."

I said: "I have advised, exhorted, and implored you away from this desperate aftermath that you have resulted to, but all my bits of advice are useless."

he said: "You knew nothing about what I have gone through before you advised me of the hardships of this unhappy ending because I have gulped the FIRST CUP and afterwards I became unconscious of my life.

Each alcoholic I consumed was influenced by the first cup, but it doesn't succeed without my weakness and mental deficiencies on the perception of faithful and honest friends.

The lust for alcohol was not habitually installed in a person like the rest of other desires, so he has been excused for been led to it, as he was protected from other instinctive lusts; There is no power over it except after the first cup.

Why will he drink it? He will because those traitors who are liars among his gang and clan have deceived him about himself in order to join them. They enjoyed their fun that only occurs with cups of alcohols and cacophonies.

If you realized how they deceived him and fooled him to depart from his nature and from his personality and the type of pretext they invoked to that; you will realise that it is a goofy to the climax of idiocy, and silly to an endless verge.

I am that idiot and that dim witted. Hear how friends deceived and fooled me with what the devil had adorned."

They said: Your life, the life of worries and difficulties, there is no medicine for these problems except alcohol, and they said: The hot drink do increase the lustre of the body, stimulates its activity, ease the tongue, and teaches an eloquence of expression for the drunkard, and encourages the coward, and gives the heart the audacity and courage. This was what I heard, believed and deceived with.

I believed that there are four advantages in a drink: happiness, health, eloquence and courage, but I later discovered it to be four problems: Poverty, Disease, Fall and Madness.

Their health was derailed by that red colour, which the drink leaves behind in the organs, and penetrated into the guts.

Among what they assumed as their eloquence are delinquency and delirium, abandonment of speech and vulgar slogan, and their eagerness is the drunken revelry that won't calm only in the prison room. And their success is the few moments of happiness in which the mind of the drunkard becomes deluded, as a result, he is blind of seeing his surrounding as they are, therefore real images are inverted in his eyes, to an extent that he imagines an insult as an entertainment, and a slap as a greeting, so he laughs at that, and the children and the passers-by laughed at him also.

Is there any pleasure for who is living in a house that does not welcome a smile from the teeth of his residents?.

Is there any happiness for who that his family do say goodbye to him every day in the morning with a grief, and greet him in the evening with exhalations?

Is there any joy for who always walk in

his way by twisting, creeping, leaking in turns and alleys, and seeking refuge from the sides of walls and fleeing to escape from the sights of butchers, and from the flattering of spice dealers, and from the scream of the mufflers.

I have been seeing these wretched people at the beginning of my miserable life, and it has been fluctuating through my minds what is also going through the minds of my like, that those people are impoverished by addiction not by an ordinary drink.

  I have been assessing for myself, my interest in it if destiny favoured me not to reach their level, nor lower from their status.

when I drank, the counting was mistaken, the calculation was lost, the measurement was corrupted, and facts differed. I was unconscious of my life just like every deceived fellow.

If not for the FIRST CUP, I wouldn't have perished, nor lay a complaint that I have just done. If not because of the Cup, my friends would not have abandoned me, and no relative will abstain from me."

And He finally said: "so please be a true friend of the good and bad times."

I promised him to do that, then I left him in his condition.





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