Sodiq Kolayo Sheikh Mustapha Lutfi Al-monfaluti ( شيخ مصطفى لطفي المنفلوطي ) 08-Jul-2020Monologue-of-the-Moon-(مناجاة-القمر) alt=

Monologue of the Moon (مناجاة القمر)

O Moon, overlooking from the top of its sky. Are you a beautiful bride appearing from the window of her mansion, and these stars that scattered around you are pearl necklaces?.

Or a big angel sitting on his throne, and these luminous bodies are beautiful ladies and babies?.

Or a clove of sparkling diamonds and this horizon that surround you is it a ring of lights or a clear mirror?.

and this corona circle that surrounds you is it a frame; Or a source of an effluent?.

And these rays that are outflowing from the watercourses?.

Or a burning light, and these

Planets are a bunch of shinning sparks?!.

O bright moon:

You enlightened the earth: it valleys and plateaus, smooth and lumpy surfaces, and habitants and floods; can you rise and set in my soul, illuminating its darkness, and dispelling the darkest of it, by withdrawing worries and sorrows?.

O bright moon:

There are resemblance and connection between you and me. You are alone in your sky, and I am alone in my land, we both go quiet, silent, shattered, sad, without warping against anyone and no one warp on us, and we both came out to each other in the darkness of the night for humour and amusement.

An observer looked into me and reckons that am successful because he was deceived with the smile of my mouth, and the freshness of my face. If my mind was revealed to him, and see how it enfold doldrums and heartache, he would cry pathetically like that of the mourners.

You(the moon) were also scrutinized by an observer, and he said that you are blessed and delighted, because he was fooled by the beauty of your face, glittering of your body, and by the purity of your soil. If your world was revealed to him, he would have seen it as a lifeless place, destructive universe, airless environment, without vibration of leaves, no man utter, nor animal stutter.

O The bright moon:

I had a lover who filled my mind with light, and my heart with delight and pleasure, It has been long I had been maintaining a dialogue with him in your presence. And Life separated us apart. Will you genuinely tell me about him, and disclose his abode to me?

Possibly, he might be somewhere looking at you as I did, conversing with you, and pleading on to you.

And here I think that I saw his image in you as if I saw him crying for me as I cried for him, my love, and sadness for him increased. Stay in your place for a long time and maintain your position, to make our meeting last forever.

O The dazzling moon:

Why am I seeing you descending a little bit to your west as if you want to leave me, and why am I seeing your bright light contracting bit by bit...and what is this sword that shines on your head at the horizon?

Wait a bit, do not vanish in my presence, do not depart me, do not leave me alone, for I know only you, and I am not related to any creature except you.

Oh, dawn has come, my entertainer had departed from me, and my friend left me, so when will the solitude of the daytime end, for my night friend to show up?!.





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