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WHERE IS THE VIRTUE? (أين الفضيلة؟)

In some novels, I read about a boy that invested part of his time in loving a romantic girl he had never seen before, but he drew in his mind, a picture of her endowed with various beauties and its miscellaneous in the image of a human being.

When she settled in his mind and embodied before his eyes, he saw her and loved her with his heart, and the image turned between his heart and himself and carried it along: He started searching for her real self between the hearing of the earth and its foresight for years until he found her.

I cannot deny this story because I am that very boy, there is no difference between me and him except that he termed his love as a Girl and I called her Virtue, he searched and found her, but I  searched for her until I became tired and I lost my way to reach her.

I looked for virtue in the merchants ’merchandise and I saw the merchant as a thief in a seller’s clothes, I discovered him selling for me in two Dinars what is actually the price of one Dinar, then I realised he stole for the second dinar.

If I was authorised to judge, it won't be difficult for me to punish the thieves of Dirhams(money), and ignore the thieves of Dinars, as long as they both take my money and take me for granted.

I do not deny the merchant over his profit, but I deny him of gaining more than the payment he deserves, based on the efforts exerted to bring the commodity, and the comfort it has spent in the way of preserving and attaining it. All that I know from the difference between the solvency and the prohibition of money is that: the first laboured and work hard, and the second committed fraud and lie.

I looked for virtue among the judiciary councils, so I saw that the justice would be the keenest to ensure that

He does not fail to apply the law in which he has a clutter to which he will be held accountable by granting him this seat that he is sitting on, for a fear that he will lose it. As for the fairness of the oppressed, beating the oppressor, returning of rights to the owner, and placing of punishments according to sins: for the judge, it has types and categories that he does not care about and does not welcome it.

If only the star shines with his favour on the virtue, then he works with the law in a single way of coincidence and agreement. But If their paths differ before him, therefore he will judge against what he believes and utter against what he knows by reprimanding the innocent and whitewashing the criminal. And If there was an admonition, then it will be on the real law.

It is as if he wants to make the brain a prisoner of the law, and this law is nothing but a good and well-made piece of the brain.

I searched for virtue in the palaces of the rich. I saw the rich either stingy or extravagant. As for the first, if he was a neighbour to Fatima's house, (may God be pleased with her), and heard, in the midst of the night, of her groaning and the groaning of her two sons who were hungry. He will never stretch a finger to his ears, in favour of them, he is confident that his fossilized heart will not emit the mercy rays, nor will the breeze of charity pass through his folds.

But The second: His money is between two gaps: A lady, and an Alcohol.

At the hands of any of the two men, virtue will find its way to the house of the rich.

I seek for it in the political councils, and I realised that the treaty, agreement, rule, and the condition were synonymous, meaning falsehood.

I saw that a king on the seat of his kingdom is just like the wagoner on the seat of his cart, there is no difference between them except that

This( wagoner) contradicts his (tariff), and that contradicts his treaty. And I have seen that the enemy of mankind is the human being, because every nation has prepared in its warehouses and stores, in the bellies of its fortresses, and on the body of its aircraft and the ark of its ships, what Almighty wants them to prepare against each other in terms of death and diverse means of torture that if an opportunity to kill occurs between them on a border or on a wall, then Human will wear the furry of the carnivores and gain from them that brutal nails and fangs, like their teeth.

Sharpen the first and smiled with the other, and then attack his father's son and mother, an attack from which he will only return his brother lifeless.

If you asked the two combat soldiers, what happened to you and what did you want?, What are you fighting for?, And what is this that you were carrying by your sides?, And when did the rivalry begin between both of you, I pledged to both of you, Did you know each other before the time you started fighting?.

I knew they were deluded of themselves, and they got out from their homes to place a diamond on the crown of the king, or a medal on their leader's chest.

I searched for it among the men of religion. I saw them -except those that are blessed by Almighty - trading with people's minds in the markets of ignorance.

And I saw that each of them has dug a hole in every human head, a loophole from which he descends into their moralities and corrupt them, their feelings and kill them, to reach their treasures and steal them, and their fortunes and robbed them.

I searched for it everywhere I know that am yet to discover its soil and habitat.

O my feelings, will I find it in the bars and brothels, or in the caves of thieves, or between the prison walls?.

Many people will say: The writer has overstated his wisdom and his judgment has been exceeded, for the virtue can still be found with many people,  generously chested and freshly resourced; I am responding now to them before they will say it: I do not deny the existence of virtue, but I don't know its place. People have been forming a cumulonimbus cloud of lies before my eyes, that obstructed my vision, till I found it difficult to locate a shining star or a rising moon in the pages of the sky.

Everyone claims virtue and impersonate it, and everyone wears its dress, and prepare ahead for it from a perspective that appeals to the smart and the rich, and from a vista that deceives the reasoning of the worst people with other.

Who will help me to locate it in this nigritude, and darkest night?

If it is true that people talk about happiness, goodness, and the bliss of life, then it is my pleasure to find on my way, one day, a friend who is truly friendly and will be content with my love and sincerity, without him exceeding the rules and regulations behind it, and he will be honest to himself, not aspiring to non-covetable, having an honourable heart, he will not bear hatred nor habor what we seek, He will not be a hypocrite,  He will be noble in his words,  he will not lie nor gossip, and he will not forcibly collect fortunes nor make a vulgar pronouncement.

This is the happiness I hope for, but I do not see it.

I saw a rich garden, it leaves were throbbing, it birds was chirping, and the streams of water run between the petals and flowers, in such a way that the serpent white snakes move in the white sand.

I see the hand of the breeze playing with the leaves, in such a way that love do trigger the brains of the lovers. I can hear the tweets of the hawfinches, and the bubble of the watercourses, with astonishing sounds reaching the minds, that festive drums can dear not.

Am not happy with what I saw nor what I heard because I was unable to see my need.

The face of the vice has become blatant before my eyes, it discussion is weariness in my hears, I wish I could live without a heart, I will not feel the goodness, badness, happiness and sadness of life.

If not for the little kids of mine, that would suffer the goodness and blessings of life without my presence, I would have escaped from this talking world to that silent world, to find the peace and tranquillity which the sayer of this found:

"The wolf howls, and am pleased with it,

But when a Man voiced, I almost fly to save my life."





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