Sodiq Kolayo Sheikh Mustapha Lutfi Al-monfaluti ( شيخ مصطفى لطفي المنفلوطي ) 10-Jul-2020THE-RICH-AND-THE-POOR.-(الغني-و-الفقير). alt=

THE RICH AND THE POOR. (الغني و الفقير).

Last night I passed by a sad man. I saw him placing his hand on his stomach as if he was feeling pain. I pitied his condition and asked him What's wrong with him? He complained of hunger, and I alleviated him with some of what I can afford, then I left him and went to visit a friend of mine that is blessed and rich. I was astonished when I saw him placing his hand on his stomach, and he also complained about the same stomachache that the poor felt.

I asked him about it, and he said it is a food gorge.

I said: What a wonder! if that rich man had given the poor, the excess of his food, none of them will complain of sickness nor pain.

It's worth eating food that will satiate its hunger, and quench its increase, but he loves himself, and he was a voracious eater. He added to his table what he embezzled from the plates of the poor, as a result, Almighty punished him for his cruelty with a stomachache, so that he, the unjust, will not rest and his life will be miserable.

Then this proves the validity of the proverb: "the stomachache of the rich is a revenge for the hunger of the poor".

The sky is not stingy with its water, and the earth is not selfish with its plants. But human, both the superior and the inferior,  envied over them, he is selfish with it and claimed its ownership, so he became impoverished, he suffered injustice, his foes are the rich, not land and sky.

I wish I could have that mind that these people possess, so I can visualize as they imagine the claim of the wealthy that they are entitled to make money, and are more likely to own it than the poor; If power is their claim on him, then why did they refused to claim their lives as they have to steal their money?. This Life in the eyes of an average man is not valuable enough to be compared with a morsel in the hand of a hungry man.

And if their claim is that they are entitled to that money through inheritance from their fathers, we should ask them: if the paternity is

Inheritance: How come you inherited your parent's wealth and did not inherit their grievances?.

Your fathers were powerful and they stole from the powerless.

If you must be their heirs, then be a  successor in returning those properties to the owners, not in continuing to extort them.

The injustice of the rich is incomparable, the cruelty of their heart is matchless, some will sleep satisfactorily on his lavish bed, he won't feel concerned about the groaning of his neighbour, that is complaining about cold and glacial.

But sit in front of a table filled with different kinds of foods; the dried and the roast, the sugary and the sour. He won't be disturbed by his awareness that one of his neighbours or family is longing for a snip of that table and salivating for its scrap.

Among them is the person that disallowed mercy to mix with his heart, but will narrate the daily expenses of his wealth to the poor.

Perhaps, the poor might ask for his assistance on account of his properties; the vaults of gold, the boxes filled with sufficient funds, and rooms of pieces of furniture and clothes, but he will break his heart and embitter the subsistence of his living and life, like telling him In each of his words and actions: "I am successful because I am rich, and you are unsuccessful because you are poor".

I think, if not, that the rich need the poor to help them in their facilities and bids. Like the utilisation of their household appliances and overriding them for their demands just as they do with their vehicles.

And if not that they kept them to enjoy themselves by watching their servanthood and being in their hands, they would have soaked up their blood as they robbed their livelihoods, and deprived them of life as they deprived them of the pleasure of living.

I cannot envisage that a person is a human until I see him as a benefactor; Because I do not adopt a correct separation between human and animal except charity.

And I can categorise them into three:

1: A man who is good to others to use them as an advantage to receive his charity back to himself.

Such a person is an absolute tyrant. He doesn't understand the meaning of charity except to enslave humans.

2: And a man who is good to himself only and does not do good to others. such a person is a gluttonous predator, if he knows that human blood can turn to a raw gold, he will certainly massacre everyone.

3: And a man who does not do good to himself or to anyone else, who is the stupid idiot who starves his stomach to satiate his box.

4: As for the fourth: He is the one who does good to others, and to himself. I do not know his abode, nor a way to him, and I think that he was the one whom the Greek philosopher, Daein kalbi, was searching for when he was asked: " what are you using the lamp for?" while walking with it in the broad daylight.

He said: I am searching for human being!.





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