Sodiq Kolayo Sheikh Mustapha Lutfi Al-monfaluti ( شيخ مصطفى لطفي المنفلوطي ) 12-Jul-2020NO-BARBARISM-IN-ISLAM-(لاهمجية-في-الإسلام) alt=

NO BARBARISM IN ISLAM (لاهمجية في الإسلام)

O extremists: If you believe that Almighty Allah did not create the Christians except to be slaughtered with swords, stabbed with spears, and burnt with fire, for you have misunderstood your Lord, and you denied him of his wisdom in his actions, and his control over his affairs and works, and you degraded him to the aimless fiddly player who builds the building to destroy it, plant the plantation to burn it, sew the dress to tear it to pieces, and tie the knots to dispel it.

Almighty has not withdrawn himself ever since man was sperm in the womb of his mother, from providing his kindness and affection, extending his mercy and benevolence, and sending him in that dark prison the air from his outlets, food from his sewers, and protecting him from the lesions of life and its calamities: since when he was a sperm, then a leechlike suspended blood clot, then an embryo,  and a fetus.

This is how a lord behaves with his servant, and this is his mercy and benevolence towards him. He is not obliged to order the plundering of the spirit that he gave him, or he is satisfied with the shedding of his blood that he supplied him to flow into his arteries and veins, not to flow between the hills of sand and over the mountain reefs.

In which book of Allah, and in which of the Sunnah of his prophets and messengers, you read that it is permissible for a man to deliberately attack a safe man in his group, and a gentleman lying down in his house, to take his life from between his sides? While his family and people mourn such a horrible attack, because the latter does not follow his religion, and does not apply that man's doctrine in his beliefs?.

If everyone were to kill each person that disagrees with him in his Ideology and doctrine, then the country would despise its inhabitants, and the earth’s surface would be more stripped than the back of tanned animal skin.

The difference between people in doctrines, religions, natures and instincts is a norm of the rules of the universe. It cannot be transformed nor changed; Even if there was only one man left on Earth, he would strip himself off to another new man that would quarrel and contend with him.

“If your Lord had pleased, he would certainly have made people as a single nation" Hud: 118.

Life in this world is like heat, and this can only be realised from the interaction between two different bodies. An attempt to unify the schools of thoughts and religions is an attempt to eliminate this world and rob it of its spirit and order.

O extremists: What happened in the forefront of Islam about the fight of Muslims against Christians, is not a payback retaliation nor vengeful attack against them, or their elimination, but rather to protect the Islamic call from been intercepted on its way by an objector, or prevention from the occurrence of a barrier between it and its expanses in the east and west. It is a war of security and defence, not retaliation and vengeance.

An example of that was the Islamic military squadron that was planning to wage war until they received the command of the Caliph that; they should not disturb the monks in their monasteries, the priests in their hermitages, and should fight only those that interfered and should battle with only those that stood against them.

O extremists: Islam only came to eliminate such barbarity and brutality that you claimed to be Islam.

Islam only came to clear hatred and hostility from people's hearts, and filled it with wisdom and mercy,

People should live successfully and happily, and these drops of blood that have been shed in this way are nothing but trivial of the surgical operations that the doctor invokes to heal the patient.

I excused you, if these people that you shed their blood were unjust to you in the affairs of your life, or deliberately cohabit with you while the world is with you in some doctrines that you fear the consequence and repercussion, but those people are too weak to stretch out a hand of evil or initiate you with a gesture of evil, so there is no excuse for you.

From what type of rock, or plateau, you carved out these your hearts that involve in the bad habit of your wings, which are not horrified by the mourn of the bereaved women, nor driven by the cries of the days?.

From what kind of stones were these eyes formed from, in which you could witness the scene of a young child and the fire was eating his limbs and walking down in his guts in the sight and hearing of his mother, while she was unable to help him, because the fire did not leave her a hand to stretch, nor a foot to walk on?.

I cannot congratulate you on this victory and triumph, because I believe that the killing of the weak was cowardice and weakness, and the bloodshed without guilt or brutal is aggression, rather it is better for the aggressive to be ashamed of himself, such is a nonsense that doesn't welcome celebration.

O extremists: Beware of reciting the name of Almighty Allah on those massacred corpses, Almighty Allah can never order the killing of innocents, nor be  satisfied with propitiation of the weak people, because He is the Wisest of The Rulers, The Most Merciful.





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