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SOME SALAFIS AND LOGIC (بعض السلفيين و علم المنطق)

It is not true, what was said: - "that Ideology of the Salafis is the correct that does not tolerate error and the opinion of others is the error that does not accept rightness", but the correct is what was said that "every diligent researcher makes mistakes and rights and every researcher can be accepted with his Ideology or nullified except the infallible".

For the opinion of Imam Ahmad al-Ghazali and Ibn Rushd, for example, in the authorisation of Logic, is more accurate and correct than the opinion of Imam Ahmad bin Taymiyyah and his student Ibn al-Qayyim, although they are the proof of the people of jurisprudence, hadith and Quran interpretation.

Al-Ghazali divided the sciences of philosophy into six sections and made logic one of them and said: - “As for the Logic, none of them relates to negation and proof. Rather, it is an insight for the methods of evidence and standards, conditions of proofs of introduction, how to install them, and the conditions of the correct limit and how to arrange it until he said, and there is nothing in this that should be disallowed.

Ibn Rushd said: - If it was decided that the Shariah considered a perspective insight for every existing thing and its consideration already consideration. And there is no literal consideration rather than inferring the unknown from the sciences and extracting it, and this is the analogy and proof.

It is compulsory for us to make our perspective towards the existing nature by mental analogy.

We must also know the types and conditions of analogy and proof, and what contradicts it argumentatively, rhetorically, and illogically.

No one should say: "This observation is an innovation because it was not known in the forefront of Islam" because looking at the juristic analogy and its types were devised after the forefront and were not classified as an innovation.!!!

I said these two ideas from Al-Ghazali and Ibn Rushd are more accurate than the opinion of Ibn al-Qayyim who said these stanzas:

"What a wonder with Greek logic!!!

Full of mendacity and falsehood.

Frustration to the perfect minds,

A spoiler of human instinct.

Rough-in the origins and meanings,

On the verge of a plain, built by the builder.

The most desperate thing that the inferior succumb to,

And do betray him in secret and open.

People walk with it in the field,

It was like a mirage at the bottoms of mountains.

It appeared to the eye of a thirsty and confused man,

He headed there with imagination and reckoning.

Expecting the cure for the malady of thirst,

Then he found nothing but deprivation.

He returned with disappointment and lost,

biting the tooth of regret and confusion.

Age has been lost in the wishlist

And he saw the lightness in his scale in the hereafter."

The science of logic has been disallowed by the jurists and modernists in Egypt and Sham(Levant), like Ibn Salah Al-Nawawi and Ibn Taymiyyah who wrote on the denial of logic called "Advice of People of Faith in Responding to the Logic of the


Imam Al-Suyuti came and summarized this book under the title:

" Talent's effort to strip advice", and he has another book: "Protecting the mind and tongue from the science of logic and theology", and he combined the ideas of the jurists and the modernists in prohibiting logic and theology.

The Moroccan Tilmasan Imam Magili was a contemporary of Suyuti and an inmate in western Sudan moves between the capitals of Katsina, Kano, Mali, Timbuktu and other countries, and taught students about his ergonomics called (gifts of The Bestowal to return the thought to the right part). So Al-Suyuti came to these countries and realized Al-Magili on teaching logic, and he brought out his book for people to prohibit the study of logic.

Al-Magili sent him a letter of a poem that we cited in the book (Islam in Nigeria) , Al-Suyuti also responded with such a letter, whosoever want it should review it.

Logic has spread after Ibn Al-Qayyim and Al-Suyuti and others in Egypt, Levant, Saudi Arabia, and other Arab and Islamic countries, especially in these last days.





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