Sodiq Kolayo Preaching guide and orientation of Preachers in Nigeria - (توجيه الدعوة و الدعاة في نيجيريا و غرب أفريقيا) 16-Jul-2020Among-the-typical-theory-of-

Among the typical theory of "every scholar can be accepted and can also be denied."

Among the typical theory of "every scholar can be accepted and can also be denied."

Some scholars denied some ideologies of Imam Ibn Taymiyyah, including: -

1: His prohibition of travelling to visit the Prophet's Tomb, depending on the

Hadith; "Do not touristify my grave or idolize it for worship." and hadith: - "Allah had cursed people that took the graves of their prophets as a mosque". With his believe of validity of going to three mosques, including the Messenger's Mosque.

Furthermore, scholars asked:

How is it possible to distinguish between the Prophet’s Mosque and his grave(that is inside the mosque), peace be upon him.

2: Including his belief in direction and embodiment of Allah in the attributes that were revealed to define Allah.

3: Including his analysis of divorce for

once only, and the jurists agreed that it is an innovational divorce.

4- They denied his opinion that Allah is talking letterly and vocally.

5- And that Allah is actually on his throne, so it implies that the throne is old, with his belief on the recurrence of the world.

6- They denied him of his loyalty to the then governors(rulers) and he did not reform the method of ruling in his time, and what was reported from him urging the caliphs for the Tatar war or his laxity in advicing them.

They denied Imam bin Abdul Wahhab and his followers about:

1: Their reasoning with the phenomena of holy texts and carrying the verses mentioned in the matter of the infidels on the people of the qiblah to justify their impiousness, for example they said that the servants, the righteous and the scholars, if they begged Allah by the means of nearness of anyone of them, that they are like polytheists that said "we worship those, only to bring us closer to God."

The scholars said that you must have learnt that the polytheists believed in divinity other than Allah.

As for the believers, none of them believes that, so how can they address them like those polytheists.

2: Their impious blasphemy of the majority of Muslims who lived and died on this doctrine for many centuries.

3: Their denial of the sanctity, sacredness and glorification of the Prophet are considered altogether as polytheism and disbelief.

4: Their use of strictness and violence, and allowing bloodshed of those that come against them among the Muslims.

5: Their prejudice against the Muslims with the presence of infidels and Christians whom should be called and fought.

I said: Wahhabis in these two areas began sending preachers to various countries through the Dar al-Ifta and the Muslim World League, which has an activity in Europe, America, and Africa, in inviting non-Muslims to Islam.





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