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The eyes became moistened with tears, the ribs dried up from the beds and the hearts were almost bleeding with grieve and pity on what was said about our father Sheikh Adam by a miserable person and an inverted writer (may God treat him as he deserves) Amin!

Our honourable brother Mr Shakirullah Agnannas (the richest people) has drawn our attention seriously, and in a blatant way, to something very important. It is an article that was published on the screens (internet) long and long ago.

The article in itself bears myths, lies and superstitions that were intended to tarnish the personality of the great scholar Al-Ilori, and for the declamation of deception on his educational biography that is full of mighty works, and to distort his life and advocacy career under the title: The Muslim Brotherhood in Nigeria (Boko Haram - the legitimate son of the group).

And I said: ( they are nothing but names that you and your fathers called them, God has not revealed any authority to them, they follow not except assumption, and assumption does not enrich anything from the truth ....)

This unknown person had stepped on the personality of the great scholar Al-Ilori without justice or fairness until it appeared - from his writing against the Al-Ilori - a spirit of jealousy and aggression.

Imam Abu Khatam al-Razi says The sign of the people of innovation: "A combat with the people of the scriptures."

And this is nothing but the deception that you hate in the city... And Almighty Allah says: (Those who devise bad deeds will have a severe torment, and as for their plan, it shall perish.) Fatr:10.

This perpetrator had received from the experts what he deserves and what suits him from the responses in poetry and prose form, nothing left than to add a word to what these students of the Al-Ilorii said, especially (Sheikh Abdul Qadir Zakariya), may Allah protect him and may Allah reward all on behalf of Al-Ilori the best reward.

I will list some of his points in a row:

Firstly: He declared that Sheikh Adam was a student in the hands of the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt (the martyr Imam Hassan al-Banna), may Allah rain his mercy on him.

I repeat: obviously the notion that Sheikh Adam learned from the hand of Hasan Al-Banna is a saying that is worthless and not safe from hunger, it is a claim without validity and rebuttal evidence ... (And every claim that was stripped of the evidence of the righteous is corrupt and fallen).

And (the Ustaz Almusteqim billah) had saturated this subject with words, and removed the likeness from it sufficiently.

And I say: The saying about the meeting of Al-Ilori and Hasan Al-Banna is truthful but the falsehood is sought with it, as he was not the only one who met Al-Ilori among the Azharite scholars, as this punk has mentioned in his letters. Rather, the relation and connection between Sheikh Adam and the Sheikh of Al-Azhar in that time (Sheikh Jada-l-Haq Ali Jada-l-Haq) are solid and rigid to the end, as history has revealed.

And why did Imam Hasan Al-Banna was singled out with this particularity to the exclusion of other Azharite scholars ?.

Answer: Because the goal of this ridiculous rationality and cold ideas is to undermine Al-Ilori by the method of analogy between the Brotherhood and Boko Haram!!!.

(Your Lord knows best of what is in your minds if you are righteous, then surely he is always Forgiving for those who turn to him frequently) Al-Israh:25.

Secondly: This dull man wants to prove in his words that the nonattention of Al-Ilori to the English is considered a trace of what his relationship with Hassan al-Banna left over.

And I said: This statement is false and incorrect. it is an emerging result of exaggeration in thought, misjudgment, and distorted understanding...

As history did not record this for us.!

(Surely Allah will defend those who believe; surely Allah does not love every betrayal, unfaithful.) Al-Hajj:38

"May Allah pardon this era.

It is an era of disobedience, not an era of righteousness,"

Thirdly: the audacity of this punk - who missed the blessing and happiness of knowledge - had been worsened to the extent that he said explicitly that the Al-Ilori is the owner of the idea of creation of the terrorist group (Boko Haram) !!!

(And this is a word that he said.) ...

(A grievous word it is that comes out of their mouths, apparently, they speak nothing but a lie). Al-kahf: 5

The poet says:

"And you were like palm trees that are stoned with pebbles by

People and you throw them with dates,

They may spew you fabricated lies

And while you related with them with pardon and forgiveness."!!!

I said: This is a satanic delusion, a psychological confusion, and an accusation. never could say something similar to it, those that have a heart or an attentive ear while is a witness for it because the great scholar Al-Ilori did not recognize the word (Boko Haram) before his death.

No time has passed over this term more than ten years specifically.

As for the sheikh of the sheikhs of Nigeria, Adam Abdullah Al-Ilori, nearly thirty years have passed away since his demise. (This is a great shame)

Summary: Sheikh Al-Ilori was, from these defamations and lies, innocent like the wolf's innocence from the blood of the son of Ya`qub(Prophet Yusuf PBUH), except that this accuser wanted to tuck and throw the black point(evil) in his white flawless personality.... and his matter is nothing but (like one who stretches forth his two hands towards the water to reach his mouth, but it will not reach it, and the prayer of the unbelievers is on an error) Ar-Ra'd:14.

And his goal can't escape these points that I mentioned below:

1- An attempt to drop the centre's (Markaz) symbol from the top. (God forbid)

2- The destabilization of the security between the Nigerian Markazites.

3- To draw the government's attention against the educational monuments of Al-Ilori.

4- He intended to gain fame and popularity from striking on Al-Ilori.

We beseech Allah, whom that does not disappoint his seeker, to bestow upon the late Al-Ilori unremitting drops of Mercy and Satisfaction, forgive him for mistakes and shortcomings, and give him the honour of the rooms of Heaven ... O Most Beneficent, O Most Merciful.

Written in Arabic by Abdul Azeez Habibullah Adewolu.

Faculty of Fundamentals of Religion, Al-Azhar University


1/19/2017 CE

SOURCE: Facebook/Adewolu Olasile Hazyz

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