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Among the reformatory revival for the corrupted conditions in African society that the religiously inclined people stood up against it since the middle of the last century by educating the Muslims not to be named after a country.

Al-Allori said: "And it is a common mistake that we have in West Africa to name some people by names of countries that they do not know. They are not affiliated with it at all, but rather they took it simultaneously with the names of some of the righteous saints such as As-Suyuti after Al-Rahman, Ar-Rifa`i for his name Ahmad, Al-Desouki for Ibrahim, Al-Ghadamesi, Al-Basiri, Al-Muhali, At-Tihami, As-Sanusi, and so on.

It is better, to return to the origin of the names, and to deny affiliation with countries to which only its people belong to it.

What caused us to be in the valley of questions and amazement with what we now see among the students was the affiliation of some students to the lineage of great poets, such as Al-Manfalouti or Al-Baroudi, or to the great scholars of Islam, such as Kishki, Al-Albani, Al-Sudaisi, Al-Ghazali, Al-Qaradawi, Al-Shaarawi, and others.

And the most amusing is what is happening among the Sufis when the followers (or, as they put it), carry the names of their sheikhs, and their sheikhs were satisfied or pleased to call them with the particular lineage of the past sheikhs, such as Kaolakhi, Cisse, Al-Salati, Nabulusi, Al-Kabari, or Al-Khalwati, and so on. All these trends between them mainly because of coincidence in name of this and that, Or in as much as the followers tend to chant repeatedly the poems of the past one and adhere to his ideologies.

If they conceal their lineages, they will be proud of them ** faces and act are witnessing every scene!!!

That whoever affiliate to a lineage that does not belongs to him is called a liar of that family, and lineage is blood, element, and the womb, and al-Hasab is religion. It is one of the religion's necessary pillars, and the power of precious sacrifice may lay in preserving the lineage of a rational Muslim in preference and defence of lineage and display.

Experience has shown that urban and social interests can not balance until a careful examination of the names of the residents has been held.

The sand was poured by people on the value of preserving lineage, so it was easy and simple for the liar to seep into the lineage of others, either from the non-interest of those with the lineage and pedigree, or the ignorance and hypocrisy of the follower(climber), and among the goodness and piety, is to abandon this ignorance to defend against the illusion and confusion in the genealogy tree, for if a student or a follower became famous in the name of his sheikh’s lineage with the distance of his position far from the place of the sheikh, and life turns around, People can claim that there is a descending order of progeny between this and that, and this is not a matter of blessing and loving the sheikh as they claim.!!!

The Almighty Allah said: "assert their relationship to their fathers, that is more equitable with Allah." Al-Ahzab:5

The situation worsened among the people, where the student or the seeker was the adopted son of his sheikh, but the reason for the revelation of the previous verse was to inform about the abolition of the Arabs' habit that was abrogated by Islam, for a man in the Ignorance era to adopt a son of another blood, and he said to him: “You are my son, I can inherit you and you can inherit me. "

The mere fact of this word linked between them the rule of inheritance and intermarriage according to the custom and habitual practice at that time.

The Messenger of Allah adopted Zaid bin Haritha before the Mission of Islam, and he has been called since that time as Zaid bin Muhammad, and Allah wanted to end this reprehensible innovation after Islam, so his explicit verses were revealed to nullify it. On the authority of Ibn Omar (may Allah be pleased with him), he said: We did not call Zaid bin Haritha except Zaid bin Muhammad until it was revealed: “assert their relationship to their fathers, that is more equitable to Allah",

then another verse was revealed. "Muhammad was not the father of one of your men, but the Messenger of Allah, and is the last of the Prophets"

Affiliation to the lineage of others, or the adoption of a professor with his student directly and indirectly by adding his name to the name of his student, it is nothing but lather, and we have to let it go unscaled, and let the useful stay. . . "Misplacing something is an injustice."

Written in Arabic by

Sheikh Lukman Sodiq Alwaiz Tefutu.

BSc., MSc., in the Arabic language.

Mudeer Markaz-l-wa'yi

Olumo, Lagos state, Nigeria.

Translated by



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