yusuf olalekan From Cradle to Maturity 27-Sep-2020


Maturity is the ability to respond to the environment in an appropriate manner. Maturity does not come only with age, but the ability to know what to do in whatever circumstance without any prompting.

The journey through life requires adequate preparation to make it worthwhile because preparation is the mother of manifestation. In the author's words, “no great height is attained by suddenflight, those who are great in the world tirelessly prepared for their greatness. Life preparations usually determine achievement and success”. This well researched and experimental book will inform you, but more than that, it will set you on track towards maturity and independent life.

If the prospect of living life is endless continuum of errors, and defeat is something that you take exception to, then, take time to read this book and commit to live out the principles therein.

The book is a comprehensive guide for the young ones. The author's experience as a young, diligent and dexterous student was brought to bear on this book.

The author, Tijani Rasaq Olatunji has demonstrated exceptional intellect and maturity by putting this book together. The book will encourage young people to be more independent and to take the bull by the horn and become useful citizen in the society.

I wish to recommend this book “From Cradle to Maturity” to everyone who desires a better deal in life. Young people/students who crave to make headway in their chosen career should also read this book and apply the principles therein religiously to their lives on the journey towards greatness.

Dr. LateefAdemola Olatunji FCA Rector, F ederal Polytechnic Offa, Kwara State .


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