yusuf olalekan From Cradle to Maturity 27-Sep-2020


With the utmost sense of humility and sincerity, I present my ever. insufficient gratitude to the Almighty Allah, who majestically designed and created the universe and all therein. As one of his wonderful creatures, I am always indebted to the All-providing for his abundant mercy and blessings in my life. As a matter of fact, this book is a product of His grace in my life. To my wonderful conveying vehicles to the world, my parents,

Mr Tijani Opeyemi Akintade and his wife of blessed memory, Mrs Huiainat Taiwo Adejoke, i am greatly indebted.

My special gratitude goes to Dr. LateefAdemola Olatunji FCA, the Rector of The Federal Polytechnic Offa, Kwara state, who extended. his compassion and love for his students beyond the four walls of the school by accepting to write the foreword for this book in spite of his official tight schedule. I need hardly tell‘you that the production of this book have involved efforts of many experts at different stages. 1 want to express my gratitude to the man who titled this book; 'From Cradle to Maturity', Elder Fadero Joseph, a retired veteran principal who tutored and prepared me well in my secondary school days for today's challenges. I cannot thank you enough. To my editor, Dr. Awolaja Abiodun, Editorial page Editor, Nigerian Tribune, many thanks for editing this work. To Colonel (Dr) A.O. Olayiwola th, a prolific author and public speaker, I am deeply grateful for your professional guidance. I would like to express my deepest gratitude to my personal counsellor, Engr. Kayode F. Usman, for his fatherly guidance. In fact, your contribution to the success of this project is unquantiflable. I want to pay special homage to the royal institution of esteem; HRH (Profi) Halidu l. Abubakar Emir of l lesha-Baruba, Baruten, kwara state, who in spite of his royal responsibilities took his time to peruse the manuscript of this book. 1 must show my unalloyed respect and appreciation to the man of unblemished reputation for uprightness, Mr. Aleminu E. Gbenga, Dean, Directorate of Students Affairs, The Federal Polytechnic Offa Kwara State, and Mr. Yinka lroye, the school PRO. Thank you for your unflagging support. I must also appreciate the management, staff, students of my Alma Mata, The F ederal Polytechnic Offa, Kwara State and all the organized unions of the school: ASUP, NASUP, SSANlP, and SUG without forgetting to salute all the comrades and student activists and their movements.

I must also thank other intellectual notables who subjected this book to critical perusal and later praised it. They include Mr. Egghead Seun Odewale, Asiwaju Yemi Ayodele Ayeni, Hon. Adeolu Oyebode, Mr. Muyideen Bammeke, Engr. (Dr.) W.O. Balogun, Engr. Kadiri O. Kamorudeen, Engr. F. A. Salaudeen, Barr. Popoola Ibrahim Olayemi, Alh. Yakubu .I. Abubakar, Alh. Abdullahi B. ldris, Mr. Owolabi Etti (TOF), Mr. AbdFatahi Ogundele, and Mr. Usman Omotosho Aliyu of News Agency of Nigeria

1 would like to thank my uncle, Pastor J O Alonge, an uncle like a father, and his “Secret of Smile”, Mrs. Ruth Omolola Alonge for their constant support. I must not forget to appreciate my siblings, Ustadh Abdl'Azeez. . Dhikrullahi, Yussuf, Fatima, Hamed, Abdl'Hakeem and Abd'Ganiyy.

There are people who have given me a leg up in making this dream a reality. They include Lawal Abdulmajeed Olalekan, Olawoyin Edris Busayo, Mr.Omotayonenga, Mr. M.AAnifowose, Mr. M. lbrahim Mrs . Sofiat Abdl'Azeez-Omokanye, Abd'Hameed Fazazi, Moh'd Awal Fatahi, Abuh Maryam, Kareem Adebayo Muritala, Mr. Giwa Mohammed Bashir, Mr. Eluwa Okuoma Paschihal, Alh Usman Aliyu (Gunu Yerima of More) Mr. Kilani B. AbdulWaheed, Alh. AbdulRahman B Audu, Alh. Ishak Abubakar Tamu and Mr. Lafia Hussaini. I am so much grateful to the Sinaweragi of Kosubosu, HRH Alh.Ibrahim Saka, Ustadh Abd'Rahamon O. Ali (Imam), Alh. Abdul-Hammed Muqodas Olaide and Mr. Abd' Rasaq Adeleke (olasheu) for their unwavering support.

I also commend the efforts and support of my protégés, few of whom are Yusuf‘Adekola Hammed, Bella 0. Mubarak, Olabode Olamide, Salam Sarafadeen Ajibola, Olatunji Oluwasegun Akinola,Sannu Ibrahim Ojeabu, Mohammed Abdulateef Damilare and all members of Baruten Future Elites' Forum, trainees and beneficiaries of‘ ‘Tijani Rasaq Education Support Initiative" and many others. Thank you for equipping yourselves to strive for the highest standards in life.

To my own Zainab, thank you for your great sacrifice of attention and good time to allow my single-minded pursuit of this task. My wife, you are truly a rare blessing from God. Let me extend my gratitude to all the prospective readers of this book, thank you for your right choice of book. I pray that the book will have the intended positive effects on you.

Finally, I commend the efforts and support of the publisher, Mr. Peter of Peterseg Integrated Ltd., and Mr. David A. Shaibu of SB. Concept Publishing Home. Though, it is acknowledged that the synergistic efforts and supports of all the people appreciated above and many others too numerous to mention are very critical in the production of this work, I accept the total responsibility for this book. All thanks and glory are finally {returned to the rightful owner, my creator and sustainer. To you I shall one day return.


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