Islamic religion in Nigeria. - (الإسلام في نيجيريا) Translation of the book ( Islam in Nigeria) by Sheikh Adam Al-Ilory
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Qatru Team 09-Sep-2020


THE PRESENT PROBLEMS OF THE MUSLIMS ( مشاكل المسلمين الحاضرة )

Muslims in West Africa have similar problems to that of their brothers, in various parts of the world, and they also have different and multiples of it that is making their mud worsen.

Among them is :

1-The Problem Of Leadership

which is the loss of a leader that will bring them together under a flag, and unites their ranks behind a caliph, or an imam who speaks their language, protects their ruins and defends about their rights.

Islamic societies are dispersed in various purposes and directions.

Sufi sects are fanatical to various sheikhs and doctrines.

Then came the political parties that dismantle all associations and unions.

The first attempt to coordinate the Islamic associations took place in the year 1948 AD, In the name of the Islamic Conference of Nigeria, by Hajj Amin Kudaisi from Jeboudi, but he made a big mistake, by turning the conference into a political party before it was fully stabilized, and he was attacked by the Labor Grou

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Sodiq Kolayo 26-Jun-2020


(تعريف نيجيريا)


     The word "Niger" was coined from "Negro". Which is a

Latin word. Meaning small negro and short black.

It was launched by the Ancient nations on the inhabitants of West Africa and Australia. The Arabs also called them Zinj, Nubia, or Sudan. And they named their river as Sudan Nile, that originated from the top of Fouta Djallon. Then runs eastward to the suburbs of the Sahara through the country of Timbuktu, then descends southward to the Lokoja hill where the  Banu-l-ãty river meets at Adamawa.

     It sprang outward from the bottom of the Cameroon Mountains, so the two unite and flow into the Atlantic Ocean on the outskirts of Benin Gulf.

    And its distance from its source to its estuary is estimated as two thousand five hundred miles, and it is the second of the four famous rivers in Africa: the Nile, Niger, Congo and Senegal.

     And the word "Nigeria" in the general sense, means what is in the proximity of Negro or w

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Sodiq Kolayo 26-Jun-2020


مقدمة الطبعة الثانية


       Since a thousand years ago, Muslims knew the countries of western Sudan¹, or the country of Tekrur² as part of the Islamic world, with a complete culture and prosperous civilization.

      Then It was discovered a hundred years ago, during European colonialism with different names, within artificial borders. And later crawled into the mysterious corners, prior to the effect of its deterioration and decadence.

    And when the countries of Africa resurrected in the aftermath of the Second World War, this country intensified its need for a person that will present it correct definition to the world again in a new attractive appearance.

      I had to do what would fill this void in the  Arabic library, and drop this partial legal duty from our scholars.

       In the year 1950 AD, I published a book called "Islam in Nigeria and Othman bin Foudi".

Consequently, some pervasive breasts snowed, and these u

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Sodiq Kolayo 25-Jun-2020


مقدمة الطبعة الأولى

Translation of the first introduction
Introduction to the first edition

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful. And Allah's prayers be upon the one whom after him there is no prophet.

   The history between the mental and transportable sciences has a respectable position, and an undeniable advantage, and has a strong impact in advancing the wheel of progress forwardly. Because studying history, is not only entertainment with a remembrance of facts and news, but it is a reminder and an awareness of the conditions of past nations, and their different environments in the previous times, to improve today's affairs in life.

The poet said:

-"Not a human being, nor a sane, A person that is not aware of the history in his mind.

And whoever knew of events before him, added ages to his life."

Whatever the matter may be, the history of every nation, in the early age,  is unsecured  with most of the myths that ignorant people would

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