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Sodiq Kolayo 12-Jul-2020


NO BARBARISM IN ISLAM (لاهمجية في الإسلام)

O extremists: If you believe that Almighty Allah did not create the Christians except to be slaughtered with swords, stabbed with spears, and burnt with fire, for you have misunderstood your Lord, and you denied him of his wisdom in his actions, and his control over his affairs and works, and you degraded him to the aimless fiddly player who builds the building to destroy it, plant the plantation to burn it, sew the dress to tear it to pieces, and tie the knots to dispel it.

Almighty has not withdrawn himself ever since man was sperm in the womb of his mother, from providing his kindness and affection, extending his mercy and benevolence, and sending him in that dark prison the air from his outlets, food from his sewers, and protecting him from the lesions of life and its calamities: since when he was a sperm, then a leechlike suspended blood clot, then an embryo,  and a fetus.

This is how a lord behaves with his servant, and this is his mercy and benevolence towards him. He

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Sodiq Kolayo 10-Jul-2020


THE RICH AND THE POOR. (الغني و الفقير).

Last night I passed by a sad man. I saw him placing his hand on his stomach as if he was feeling pain. I pitied his condition and asked him What's wrong with him? He complained of hunger, and I alleviated him with some of what I can afford, then I left him and went to visit a friend of mine that is blessed and rich. I was astonished when I saw him placing his hand on his stomach, and he also complained about the same stomachache that the poor felt.

I asked him about it, and he said it is a food gorge.

I said: What a wonder! if that rich man had given the poor, the excess of his food, none of them will complain of sickness nor pain.

It's worth eating food that will satiate its hunger, and quench its increase, but he loves himself, and he was a voracious eater. He added to his table what he embezzled from the plates of the poor, as a result, Almighty punished him for his cruelty with a stomachache, so that he, the unjust, will not rest and his life will be miserable.

Then this

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Sodiq Kolayo 09-Jul-2020


WHERE IS THE VIRTUE? (أين الفضيلة؟)

In some novels, I read about a boy that invested part of his time in loving a romantic girl he had never seen before, but he drew in his mind, a picture of her endowed with various beauties and its miscellaneous in the image of a human being.

When she settled in his mind and embodied before his eyes, he saw her and loved her with his heart, and the image turned between his heart and himself and carried it along: He started searching for her real self between the hearing of the earth and its foresight for years until he found her.

I cannot deny this story because I am that very boy, there is no difference between me and him except that he termed his love as a Girl and I called her Virtue, he searched and found her, but I  searched for her until I became tired and I lost my way to reach her.

I looked for virtue in the merchants ’merchandise and I saw the merchant as a thief in a seller’s clothes, I discovered him selling for me in two Dinars what is actually the price of on

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Sodiq Kolayo 08-Jul-2020


Monologue of the Moon (مناجاة القمر)

O Moon, overlooking from the top of its sky. Are you a beautiful bride appearing from the window of her mansion, and these stars that scattered around you are pearl necklaces?.

Or a big angel sitting on his throne, and these luminous bodies are beautiful ladies and babies?.

Or a clove of sparkling diamonds and this horizon that surround you is it a ring of lights or a clear mirror?.

and this corona circle that surrounds you is it a frame; Or a source of an effluent?.

And these rays that are outflowing from the watercourses?.

Or a burning light, and these

Planets are a bunch of shinning sparks?!.

O bright moon:

You enlightened the earth: it valleys and plateaus, smooth and lumpy surfaces, and habitants and floods; can you rise and set in my soul, illuminating its darkness, and dispelling the darkest of it, by withdrawing worries and sorrows?.

O bright moon:

There are resemblance and connection between you and me. You are alone in your sky, and I am alone in my land, we bo

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Sodiq Kolayo 07-Jul-2020


THE BURIED CHILD (الدفين الصغير)

Now I dusted my hands off the soil of your grave, my son. I went back home like a soldier that was defeated at the war front. I only have a tear that I cannot drop, and an exhale that I cannot expel.

Almighty Allah, who have destined this misery for me about your death, had blessed me with you before I pleaded him, then I was plundered by taking you away before I could recover you from him. He wanted to finish his divine will on me and quaff me the cup of misfortune until the residue. He forbid me the drop of a tear, or the breathing out of an exhale. so that I will find it impossible to relieve myself from this calamity. To him is my praise, satisfactorily and angrily, and my exaltation, completely and incompletely, and he has the will to do and undo if I am satisfied with his judgment and patience with his ordeal on me.

Son, I was terrified when I found you sick on your bed. I was extremely frightened and afraid of your death. As if the imagination of death and life is a part

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Sodiq Kolayo 06-Jul-2020


THE FIRST CUP (الكأس الأولى).

There was a friend of mine that I love, and I admire the integrity of his heart, the purity of his personality, his sincerity and loyalty in his distantness and closeness, his anger and patience, his discontentment and contentment.

Then life separated us, and that was for survival not for death. Here I am today;

crying for him while alive, more than I would have cried if he was dead, but I do not weep but for his life, and I only wish for his death.

I hope you have heard of the most astonishing strange trait in the nature of souls!.

We are bonded together by the ropes of friendship for a long period of time in which our behaviours are not strange to each other, then he chooses an unusual path, as a result, I denied him, and he also did that.

Well the situation left me unscathed, because the cup that he was addicted to did not accommodate other cups and peers.

Perhaps he might have bestowed me a glance in his mind that I pretended to notice because if he reminded me, he wi

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Sodiq Kolayo 03-Jul-2020



Vividly I can recall that last night; I thought about what I am writing today, and I knew that I was holding my wristwatch while my pen was at my fingertips, and there was a small white paper in my hand that slightly became inked by the pen. But I do not know whether the pen will reach its destination or will fall off from its aim?

Will I be able to complete this message of mine, or one of the obstacles of life will intervene in the process?  Because I know nothing of tomorrow’s affairs, and the future is in Allah’s hands.

I knew I put on my clothes in the morning, and I am still in it till now, but I don't know whether I would take it off myself with my hand, or it would be taken off by the hand of the ritual corpse bather?

Tomorrow is like an enigmatic ghost that appears to the viewer from a remote location, and perhaps it can be a merciful angel or a malicious demon.

Possibly, it looks like a black cloud, that when a cold wind blew on it, analyzed parts of it, and

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