Religion :advocate of peace and flag-bearer of morality Rekindling in people's hearts the love of peace ,proving religion innocent of the allegation that it has been wrongly accussed of and calling people to tie themselves to the apron of morality.
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Hassan Imam Akalanbi 12-Oct-2020

Religion :advocate of peace and flag -bearer of morality

Religion : advocate of peace and flag -bearer of morality .

Scholars have expressed different opinions on the derivation of the word religion . Some opine that the word emanated from Latin word (religio) while others, such as Lactantius ,hold that it is derived from Religare which means to fasten or bind . Equally , this word has been given varying definations by different scholars . However ,the most encompassing one puts religion as reverence for God or the gods ,careful pondering on divine things and piety while the easiest one portrays it as a belief or worship of a god or gods .

on the surface of earth ,there are many religions . But ,amongst these religions ,Jain ,Shintoism Bahai and Confucianism /Taoism are not as popular as Islam ,Christanity , African religion ,Hinduism ,Judaism , Buddhism and atheism . Though ,apart from atheism ,none of the afore -mentioned religions disbelieves in the existence of Lord but He is viewed and worshipped differe

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